spiritual messages
spiritual messages

The Living Code (TLC)

Deciphering Life’s Spiritual Messages
by Learning to Live from the Heart

By Linda McCoy and Brenda McCoy

The Living Code is the essence, the very fabric of life itself; the vast ocean of energy that we live and breathe every day. This ocean of energy contains encoded messages that can be read, deciphered, and utilized by those who know how. This journey of a lifetime is the Spiritual autobiography of the twins about their process of deciphering life’s spiritual messages by learning to live from the heart—which opened the door to the Kingdom within.

The twins share their life’s journey from their fundamental Christian upbringing to their spiritual awakening through their non-traditional experiences. These living experiences rocked their personal and spiritual foundations. They connected with the Holy Spirit, which put them on a path that was heresy to their church doctrine.

They have always had a pondering spirit—asking questions of life and not even realizing that this was a spiritual exercise when seeking help and understanding from a Higher Power/angels/God. Putting their questions on the back burner to ponder became a way of life for them. Little did they know at the time this would come to be a vital key in their spiritual communication process.

Throughout the book you will find Ponderism questions. The art of pondering serves to activate your natural intuitive ability to receive insightful and inspirational messages. Asking a question is an important component in learning the process of pondering, because this questioning creates a  magnetic process—drawing to you the answer that is truth for you at the time.

The Living Code covers the twin’s spiritual discontent years. This painful discontent led them to the Call for Help to God and subsequent spiritual awakening from life’s fog; family, social and religious. TLC is written in a loving, non-judgmental way. Even though they were identical twins, life impacted each one differently as they experienced the same event in a different way, depending on the lesson to be learned.

They were home schooled by the Holy Spirit, Who wrote the course outline they learned to follow. TLC offers the tools given by Spirit to the twins to keep them on the invisible pathway that, at first, held a hidden agenda—ultimately leading to their spiritual awakening.

Raised in a strict letter of the law religious environment, they made the transition into following their intuition; the spirit of the law—the Living Code. This is the invisible journey into the heart of God and of learning how to live from the sacred space within the heart. We are in the time of the quickening; a powerful opportunity for quantum leaps for spiritual growth, which is self-knowledge—the Truth does set us free.

This book was written from what was placed in the twins’ hearts and for those searching for something beyond their traditional understanding; seekers of the Spirit of Truth. Truth is relative, based on lessons to be learned; therefore, no one can make the journey for you. TLC teaches in a simplistic way, by the twin’s personal experiences on the path, how to connect with the Spirit of Truth. This Spirit is located in the secret chamber of the heart. Access is learned in the precious “dance of life” in how to decode the living messages we all have access to every moment.

These messages, like a flowing steam, can help us move from resistance or pain—upstream and into a flow of the Spirit led life—downstream. This sacred current takes us on an amazing journey with ease and grace.

Ponderism: What is my soul’s purpose? Ponder this once in a while and then watch your answers change!

Chapter 1
Spiritual Discontent
Coming Out of the Fog—the Process of Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 2
The Call For Help Leads to
Spiritual Experiences
My Way, Your Way, or the High Way 
Chapter 3
God is Talking—Are You Listening?

Learning to Decipher the Hidden Messages
Chapter 4
Waking Up to the World of Dreams

Blogging with God
Chapter 5
Waking Dreams

The 24/7 Instant Messenger
Chapter 6
Why Does Life Play Reruns?

The Belief System—A Lot of B.S.
Chapter 7
Clichés That Hold Us Captive

Change Your Clichés—Change Your Life
Chapter 8
How to Have the Perfect Relationship

Karma at First Sight
Chapter 9
Putting Your Spiritual House in Order

Clearing the Karmic Clutter!
Connect with The Living Code!